Work and play in Marlborough

Marlborough is New Zealand’s major wine growing region. Jobs in the wine industry are available almost all year round in the form of harvesting, maintaining and pruning vines.

Some of the world’s best white wines come from here, with Marlborough’s sauvignon blanc, in particular, enjoying a stellar international reputation. In terms of what workers are needed, the work planner below provides a general idea of job demand throughout the year.

If you are in Marlborough and wish to apply for work, visit the Work the Seasons website.

Where to stay

The region has backpacker facilities and campgrounds with cabins to stay in, or with your campervan.


Important information before you start

You are required to have a tax IRD number prior to employment. Click here for more information on how to get an IRD number. You will need to have a bank account before applying for a tax number, which you can create by visiting a bank.

Before you start work you must sign an employment agreement with the employer. It is advised that you take a photo of the first page of the agreement showing the business name and address and ask for a copy of the signed agreement.

Keep your own record of what days you worked and the number of hours you worked each day.


What to see and do in Marlborough

Marlborough is one of New Zealand’s sunniest regions and a naturally beautiful area. You can explore the magnificent Marlborough Sounds by water, or walk the Queen Charlotte Track along its coastline.

The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival during the New Zealand summer showcases the region’s iconic and award-winning wines, along with delicious local cuisine and entertainment from some of New Zealand’s leading performers.


5 must do activities

  1. Enjoy the great produce and food of Marlborough such as salmon, mussels, cheese, wine, honey, seasonal fruit and wild game
  2. Visit one of the 34 Marlborough cellar doors either by car or bike
  3. Enjoy the many walking or mountain bike tracks close by such as the Wither Hills, Pelorus and others
  4. Explore the magnificent Marlborough Sounds and walk the Queen Charlotte Track
  5. Visit the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre for more tourist information.


Job Demand



Very high