Frequently Asked Questions

How does PickNZ work?

PickNZ is an information source and free job board for NZ’s horticulture and wine industries. Any employer in the fruit and vegetable industry is welcome to register and use the site.

How do I post a job?

You can simply post a job by registering as an employer here

How will I be notified of interest in my jobs?

You will recieve email notifications to a nominated email address for each role listed. Alternatively you can direct job seekers to your own site with a url link or a whatsapp number. These options are shown when you post a job role once registered.

Why should I register with PickNZ

PickNZ is the number one searched seasonal jobs site for the fruit and vegetable industry in New Zealand. Industry good organisations and government looking to support growers to find seasonal staff are directing their marketing efforts towards PickNZ.

I need 10 people for four weeks in November and December and then 30 people for four weeks in February. How do I request this?

List two seperate roles one for november and one for February. Depending on when you need stuff you can classify the role as seeking ‘expressions of interest’, ‘eed staff soon’ or ‘need staff now’. This will helkp jobseekers plan and apply for jobs they are actually able to fill.

How do I increase my chances of getting employees?

We encourage you to consider benefit options available such as flexible hours, accomodation, transport, and bonuses.