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Work and play the New Zealand way!


New Zealand has eight main horticulture regions. Their unique weather conditions mean different crops grow better in some regions than others.

For example, pipfruit (apples and pears) and grapes grow easily in Hawke’s Bay and Nelson, while stonefruit like cherries and apricots grow better in Central Otago. Bay of Plenty is the home of kiwifruit and avocados. The wide range of regions and crops means there is work for both permanent and temporary workers for most months of the year.


These regions also feature many of New Zealand’s most impressive tourist attractions – and some of the world’s best adventure activities. What’s good for growing is also great for lifestyle – these regions are blessed with high sunshine hours, settled weather and warm temperatures!

Water, land or air – the adventures are here: hike the native rainforests in Northland; ski or snowboard in Central Otago till you’re sore; and drop your jaw at the spectacular thermal geysers, mud pools and hot springs of the Bay of Plenty. Catch a game of rugby, the national sport in Waikato; feast your senses on the food and wine in the Wairarapa; kayak the emerald waters of Nelson’s white sand beaches; whale watch in Marlborough; or simply relax in sun-soaked Hawke’s Bay. Each region has something special and memorable to offer, as you’ll find out when you click on each region on the regional map.